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  • CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: The Avengers Pick Teams
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    CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR: The Avengers Pick Teams


National Review, by Conrad Black Posted By: earlybird- Fri, 11 31 2017 04:31:56 GMT The battle lines have been so sharply drawn, in what is now a bloodless civil war for direction of U.S. public policy, that the two sides cannot really communicate with each other. (Snip) But it is impossible to receive a serious hearing from a Never Trumper for a pro’Trump argument, and the pro’Trumpers are generally convinced of the discreditable motives of the Never Trumpers. There is now unfolding what must be the last civilized debate about the trajectory of events in Washington before the civil war moves from the heavy and frequent skirmishing that has intensified since the election to

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