Parents, Get Your Head Out Of Your Rear Ends

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Author: Rod Dreher

Reader PJ writes:

As I’ve said before, wait until the next generation comes up; you ain’t seen nothing yet because the first smart phone generation (igen, not the millenials) is just starting to come up the pipeline.

Our daughter was asked by a boy to provide oral sex for him at recess…in first grade. Boy was from a nice church-going Christian family but he had a smart phone and he and other boys were spending their time on porn sites all during school at recess and at lunch. Parents were nice people but clueless about what their kid could access via the phone and the teachers are too busy with academics to be paying attention.

The 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students at the local elementary school were using their school district-confirmed google accounts (for google drive to send homework back and forth) to sign up for youtube and some of them were posting videos of them dancing naked for all the world to see with their google/district email displayed. Most of the parents and school employees were totally unaware this was going on! The overwhelming majority of parents are clueless to what their little darlings are doing. This isn’t high school or middle school, this is well into the elementary schools now.

Our own son is still the only middle schooler without a phone; we said he could get one once he gets a job and as he turns 14 next year and the local amusement park hires 14 yo (his preferred 1st job) we are trying to prepare him. But yeah, there’s no way to monitor what their friends are doing and what all the other stupid parents aren’t doing.


I am militant about this! Parents — especially Christian parents — who moan about how coarse and degrading the culture is, yet provide their kids with smartphones, are a huge part of the problem. If this is you, stop it. Stop it right now. Stop rationalizing what you’re doing. It’s morally insane.

UPDATE: Reader Seven Sleepers:

If you are a man with internet access, this is something you are dealing with. The question is only about how often you struggle, not if you are going to struggle.

Can I share an anecdote re: the other article where (again) a woman said this was same same as playboy (ha!)?

When I grew up near the city, if a JC Penny advert came blowing down the street with the bra section, we little boys would tear out the page, carefully fold it, and put it in a safe place for communal gawking at a later date. Just rewatch the movie, “Something about Mary”, which was pre-internet porn. You will know the scene when you get to it.


Later, when we migrated to the burbs, a full blown Playboy was somehow acquired (God knows how). It was placed in the woods, under a giant pile of illegally dumped concrete. EVERYONE knew where it lived. By everyone, I mean every boy in a 2 mile radius. Occasionally, someone would say, lets go to the rock. Whence we sallied forth as a group to flip a few (maybe 9-10 total) pages of a dirty (I mean actually dirty) magazine. Then, almost in a daze, the magazine was placed back in the rock, and we left.

Flash forward a few years and a relative of mine asks for my help. Says his son is watching crazy porn and is only 10. We look at the history of his internet browsing and let me tell you this, nothing, NOTHING that was in there ever appeared in a playboy magazine. No matter what we did to block it, he got around it. That kid is now a very confused young man.

It doesn’t even matter where you go on the internet, even reading a conservative article on a family friendly site, at the bottom, often include pictures and clickbait that make the JC Penny bra section look like curdled milk. I think, me as a 10 year old, it would Physically Impossible, to NOT click on the links that appear almost everywhere, and quickly can lead, a few clicks later, to who knows where.

Older I get, the more I can’t stand when people say “It’s always been that way”. SO annoying. It hasn’t. Wake up.

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