July 12, 2017


Author: cpotter

On Wednesday’s Mark Levin show, According to the Democrats and the media, we are supposed to focus on Donald Trump Jr. now. People are saying that Jared Kushner’s legal team leaked the Trump Jr. emails. That is not true as they discovered the emails and had to go through the FBI to amend Trump Jr’s security clearance. Were the email leakers part of the FBI security clearance team? This is all a joke. The more we find out about Trump Jr., the more we know the media attacks against him are absurd. While the whole nation, hour after hour on T.V. and radio is forced to chase these shiny objects, Mitch McConnell is trying to pass a healthcare bill that he hasn’t even shown to all Senate Republicans; he showed it to the K-Street lobbyists first. We need to repeal and replace McConnell. The most intelligent proposal short of full repeal is by Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Their proposal has insurance companies offer one policy that has all the junk in Obamacare and then enables the insurers to offer affordable insurance policies that people actually want. After that, Rowan Scarborough of the Washington Times calls in to talk about how the Democrats used disinformation on Russia to attack the Trump campaign. Scarborough says that the real collusion was between the Democrats and the Russians. Also, Paul Kengor, Professor at Grove City College, calls in to talk about how Ted Kennedy reached out to the Kremlin to influence the 1984 election. In addition, Bob Corker helped to arm the regime in Iran and helped clear the way for them to build ICBM’s. Corker blocked a bill by Rand Paul to stop funding for the Palestinian Authority’s aid to terrorist fund. Hundreds of millions of dollars are spent to subsidize terrorists. Finally, Mo Brooks calls in to talk about Mitch McConnell’s Super PAC running ads against him in Alabama. Brooks is a constitutional conservative and that is why McConnell Is after him. These ads are flat out lies and try to paint Brooks as a leftist.



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