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  • Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won't Obey The Law & He's Pissed
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    Trey Gowdy Finds Out FBI Director James Comey Won't Obey The Law & He's Pissed

Author: Jack Heretik

Rep. Brad Sherman (D., Calif.) said on Monday that he had “no questions at all” about how former FBI Director James Comey handled classified information in the memos he wrote.

Comey wrote memos of his conversations with President Donald Trump as a record. The Hill reported that most of the memos contained classified information. Comey admitted during his testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee in June that he had a friend of his at Columbia University leak some of the memos to the media.

CNN co-host John Berman asked Sherman if he had concerns about Comey after it was revealed the memos contained classified information.


“I think memos in the files of the FBI director contain classified information, but the information he made public was not classified in any way but, instead, relate to the threats that were made against him,” Sherman said.

Co-host Poppy Harlow reminded Sherman of how Comey had blasted former secretary of state Hillary Clinton for her handling of classified information.

“But congressman, remember, he’s the one who said that Hillary Clinton’s handling of classified information was ‘extremely careless,’” Harlow said. “And the question now becomes, does it not, even if none of that classified information were in the memo that he handed over to his friend at Columbia, which he testified had no classified information in it, what about the handling of it?”

“When he took these notes, was it on a secure laptop, was it on a notepad? How did he maintain those documents? Did he take them out of the Bureau? Did he take them home?” Harlow said. “Do you have questions as they pertain to the security of the information?”


“I have no questions at all,” Berman said. “I’ve got no reason to think that the FBI director mishandled information. You can raise questions about anything, but, to say that there’s classified information properly in the files at the FBI headquarters is not to say anything at all.”

Not all of the files remained at FBI headquarters. Comey took them with him when he left the FBI and only recently turned them over.

Sherman is a staunch opponent of Trump and has called for his impeachment.

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