BREAKING: Heroic U.S. Media Now Totally Trust Putin


Author: Jammie

Now that we’re in a golden age of journalism and the media’s tries to out-do each other to take down the president, it’s quite amusing this morning to see them all rush to break the news that Vladimir Putin allegedly will provide a transcript of discussions between Donald Trump and Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said Wednesday that Russia is willing to give Congress any records of President Donald Trump’s communications with Russia’s foreign minister, according to the Associated Press.

Putin, who called the widening scandal involving Trump allegedly sharing intelligence with Russia “political schizophrenia,” said he’d provide the records if the White House approves.

So after six months of blaming Russia for Trump’s win over the hapless Hillary Clinton, the fake news lapdogs are totally cool with Putin again:

He know an easy mark when he sees one, Chuckles.

So in an effort to impeach Trump over alleged ties with Russia, Democrats will eagerly accept a “transcript” or “recording” provided by the Russians. Totally legit.

After months of gorging on fake news, these people think a transcript is an actual recording and hey, we can totally trust Russia again!

After a century of marching in ideological lockstep with the Soviets and Russians, Democrats took a brief hiatus from their Russia love to blame them for Mrs. Clinton’s humiliating defeat. Now when they Russians might be useful again, they’ll rush out the fake news as fast as possible if it can be used to harm Trump. Anything goes in this new “golden age” of journalism.

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