Elizabeth Warren Takes Dig at Hillary Clinton in Latest Interview


Author: Jack Heretik

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) took an apparent swipe at fellow Democrat Hillary Clinton in a new interview published Monday, arguing middle- and working-class voters did not believe the failed 2016 presidential candidate was committed to fighting for them.

In an interview with USA Today, Warren said that Clinton’s election loss was due to struggling middle- and working-class Americans not believing the former secretary of state would be the most dedicated to them. Warren also said Democrats as a party failed to win in areas where the need for jobs is greatest.

“She says Clinton lost because beleaguered middle-class and working-class voters didn’t believe that she was the candidate most committed to fighting for their families,” USA Today reported. “‘Where it mattered in the vote tally, where America had been hit extra hard by lost jobs and declining opportunities, our side hadn’t closed the deal,’ Warren writes. ‘Shame on us.'”

The interviewer from USA Today asked Warren who “us” was referring to.

“All of us,” Warren said. “The Democrats. We didn’t make the case.”

Warren was then asked if that includes Clinton.

“Sure. I mean, it’s all of us,” Warren explained. “We have to bear responsibility for that … We didn’t get out there and fight hard enough.”

Warren was also asked to comment on the lawsuit brought by the artist behind Wall Street’s Charging Bull statue, who is suing to have the Fearless Girl statue, a girl with hands on her hips staring down the bull, removed.

“O-o-h, o-o-h, o-o-h, that is so-o-o sad,” Warren said mockingly. “I think the Fearless Girl is terrific. I hope she stands there until the bull falls over.”

A bullish market is one experiencing an upward movement with optimistic investors.

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