Sad! Beloved Trump Chicken mascot springs leak during Tax March, but Peeps town hall goes on


Author: Brett T.

As Twitchy reported, the resistance took to the streets of New York, Washington, and cities across the country Saturday to demand that President Trump release his taxes … that “Maddow” episode really managed to whet the public’s appetite, it seems.

As exciting as it was to see the angry masses take to the streets … again … it was really the image of comedian Sarah Silverman on stage next to a giant inflatable Trump-chicken hybrid that will resonate throughout history.

Yeah, it’s looking that way.

The story of the Tax March Chicken — who has her(?) own Twitter feed — is both amazing and a little sad. Back in March, Slate let America know that the chicken was coming to the States as a Chinese immigrant, where it had been commissioned as a marketing stunt by a Chinese real estate company, making it not all that far removed from New York’s “Fearless Girl,” plunked down on Wall Street by investment manager State Street Global Advisors.

Danelle Morton, one of the organizers of the Tax March, gave Slate a passionate, 1,500-word retelling of her discovery of “Trump Rooster Cock” and her success in hammering down the price in a real-life demonstration of the art of the deal:

In China this may be the “Trump Rooster Cock,” but in America it would be the Trump chicken. Donald Trump was a big chicken for not releasing his taxes. He was the biggest chicken in the world! I wanted to fill a 60-foot Chicken Don with helium so my fellow protesters and I could march it down San Francisco’s Market Street on April 15, preceded by brass bands and followed by people in costume.

By then more people involved in the San Francisco march had begun to embrace the Trump chicken because thinking about it brought us joy. Instead of obsessing about every new error or edict emerging from the administration, after the rooster entered my life I thought not of Trump when I woke up but of Chicken Don.

We had a party to test inflate our chicken. We positioned the deflated bird on scaffolding in an old shipyard so the partygoers could get a full view of Chicken Don as he came to life. It only took two minutes for him to rise to his full magnificence, and it turned out he was a lot taller and broader than we had anticipated. The chicken was glorious when fully upright, inspiring shouts of derision and joy.

Here are some photos of a dream partially fulfilled:

This one’s pretty clever, actually:

The crowd photos are the best, as it appears the people have come to worship at the feet of their golden-haired idol.

One of the failing New York chickens reportedly blew a gasket … Sad!

If you thought that was some hard-hitting political protest, have a look at this awesome town hall diorama made from Marshmallow Peeps to “blast” Rep. Barbara Comstock and featured Saturday in “The Hill.”

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