New York Times Columnist Reads The Free Beacon to Achieve Balance


Author: Washington Free Beacon Staff

New York Times columnist Frank Bruni named the Washington Free Beacon last week as being among the conservative news sources he peruses to give himself a balanced media diet.

During a discussion about the modern “Age of Misinformation” at the Westminster Town Hall Forum in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Bruni encouraged readers to avail themselves of a wide variety of news outlets and not simply satisfy “our own personal interests.”

The moderator asked the left-leaning Bruni to name what conservative news sources he reads to get a balanced perspective.

“I read tons,” he said. “I get daily emails from the [sic] National Review, because I want to know what they’re saying. I read the, I think it’s called the Washington Free Beacon. I’ve got all this stuff bookmarked, so sometimes I forget even what it’s called.”

He added he reads sources like RealClearPolitics that aggregate links from across the political spectrum.

“If you do that, I think you not only have some sense of what other people are saying so that you can have a different kind of conversation, but there are things that are being said by your tribe that turn out not to be true and that get unmasked a lot more quickly if you’re not listening only to your tribe,” he said.

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