The Flash-Supergirl Crossover Musical was Better than La La Land


Author: Melissa Mackenzie

I did not like the overhyped musical film La La Land. It was okay. It just would have been better if the singing, dancing, plot, and ending had been interesting. It had a sweet and memorable ballad. Well, it was sweet.

People might take my harshness toward La La Land as a pan against all musicals. I am not anti-musical. In fact, The Sound of Music is one of my all-time favorite movies. Singing in the Rain is perfection. Even Les Mis wasn’t bad if you ignore a couple characters.

It took DC Comics’ the Flash and Supergirl to do a crossover musical that knocked it out of the park. The one hour of whimsy on that TV show beat out the two hours of La La Land and it wasn’t even close.

First, the fun plot. Glee fans will love the “villain” in The Flash. The Music Meister comes to town and drains the energy from both the Flash and Kara, aka Supergirl. They’re asleep and in a musical in their mind of their own making and must follow the plot of the musical to escape. On this silly premise, all sorts of fun can be had.

Second, the opening number. Wow. (You’ll say “wow” a lot this episode.) A couple standouts from both casts harken from musical theater. The singing! The dancing! Oh my!

Third, the romance. There’s a beautiful ballad, written just for this episode, and it’s lovely.

Finally, the happy ending. Musicals should have happy endings. There’s a proposal.  There’s dancing. There’s frivolity and witty banter and surprises. Happy.

The whole episode is well worth a watch. It’s a dark world out there. Musicals can make everything better. They should, anyway. That’s what the Flash-Supergirl crossover got right that La La Land didn’t.


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