CNN Lawsuit Could Upend Libel Laws in Our Nation!

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Author: Andrew West


The mainstream media has been a loose cannon of propaganda and insinuation for years, and it seems as though something may finally be done about it.


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CNN is facing a lawsuit that could change the way the press is prosecuted for their irresponsibility.

CNN has recently become a lightning rod for the American citizens’ disgust with the bias of our mainstream news networks.  With a new lawsuit being upheld in Georgia, it seems as though the cable “news” network’s luck is about to run out.

“The lawsuit is Davide Carbone v. Cable News Network.

“Carbone was the chief executive of West Palm Beach, Fla.-based St. Mary’s Medical Center until CNN reported in June 2015 that the infant mortality rate for open-heart surgery there was three times the national average. Reporters for Anderson Cooper’s CNN show aggressively covered the death of babies at the hospital and even went to Carbone’s home in an attempt to get comment. Instead, he closed his garage door on them. Later, he was forced to resign. His defamation lawsuit followed.

“What makes this case so important is how a judge addressed CNN’s attempt to strike the lawsuit.

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“Many states have anti-SLAPP statutes in the interest of guarding against frivolous lawsuits attacking First Amendment activity. Georgia is one of them. Under these SLAPP statutes, plaintiffs have to show a likelihood of prevailing before the case moves any further.

“But under federal civil procedure law, plaintiffs only need to demonstrate the plausibility of claims before a motion to dismiss is denied. So the question is — which standard should be used? If a judge just goes with plausibility instead of probability, it means that plaintiffs in a range of cases involving First Amendment activity — not just defamation, but also intellectual property, privacy and so forth — get an easier road past initial hurdles and into discovery. That ups the cost of defending lawsuits significantly. That might help explain why the MPAA joined other media companies in telling the judge that anti-SLAPP laws are ‘fundamentally important.’”

Could this be an opportunity to finally hold CNN and other careless, liberal networks accountable for the nonsensical, biased drivel that they spew on a daily basis?  Only time will tell.

You can read more here.

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