Associated Press Promotes FAKE NEWS, Says Trump Will Use National Guard To Deport Illegals


Author: Ryan Saavedra


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Associated Press Creates Fake News To Stir Panic

On Friday morning that Associated Press sent out a series of tweets that were quickly shot down as completely false by the White House and Department of Homeland Security.

The first tweet sent out said: “BREAKING: Trump administration considers mobilizing as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants.”

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That was followed up by a tweet saying “Memo obtained by AP shows Trump considering mobilizing the National Guard to round up unauthorized immigrants.” and “The draft memo says participating troops would be authorized ‘to perform the functions of an immigration officer.’”

Sean Spicer immediately shot those claims down as being 100% not true as did the Department of Homeland Security.

The Daily Mail reports that DHS official confirmed that the memo that was obtained by the Associated Press was weeks old and was never even seriously considered.

From The Daily Mail:

Department of Homeland Security spokesman David Lapan told and other outlets on Friday: ‘It’s incorrect. The Department is not considering mobilizing the National Guard for immigration enforcement.’

Separately, a DHS official said: ‘The report referenced by the AP was a very early, pre-decisional draft that never made it to the secretary and was never seriously considered by the Department.’

But the AP reported Friday that ‘[t]he draft document has circulated among DHS staff over the last two weeks. As recently as Friday, staffers in several different offices reported discussions were underway.’

ICE Confirms The Media Is Reporting Fake News

The Washington Examiner reported on Friday that ICE officials have confirmed that the reporting that is coming from the media that seeks to hype the situation is completely false. According to the article, President Obama actually “grabbed 350% more,” more in ICE raids.


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