UK: Muslim murderer muttered “Allah, Allah, Allah,” carried book telling Muslims to “die a …


    Author: Pamela Geller

    “Mental illness” is the scrub, the whitewash for jihad. And the speed in which it is employed in law enforcement circles and media reportage is nothing short of terrifying. The whole of the world is convulsing under threat of jihad terror — complex, overwhelming  security apparatus and systems are employed at every level, at every moment of our daily lives — and the zeitgeist is bow, submit and polish the ideology behind this world war. And G-d forbid President Trump be allowed to do anything to stop it.

    This news of the jihadi’s religiosity, etc., will not be headline news.

    “Russell Square Knifeman Sought Help in Mosque Before Stabbing Tourist,” by Liam Deacon, Breitbart, February 7, 2017:


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    A Muslim youth with paranoid schizophrenia, who yesterday pleaded guilty to killing one and injuring five, repeatedly sought help at mosques instead of a hospital as his condition deteriorated.

    Zakaria Bulhan, 19, whose parents are Somali, was born in Norway and grew up in South London. He denied murder but admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility following the attack on the 3rd of August last year.

    Terrorism was ruled out as a motive, yet the attacker was found with a prayer book entitled Fortress of the Muslim and muttered “Allah, Allah, Allah” on arrest, The Times reports.

    His book contained an extremist Salafist prayer instructing followers to “die a shahid”, before explaining that a shahid is: “One who dies fighting the kafir [unbelievers] in order to make the word of Allah superior or in defence of Islam”.

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    Witnesses claimed Mr. Bulhan “skipped” towards his victims and had a crazed smile on his face as he killed 64-year-old retired teacher Darlene Horton, who was visiting from Florida, and stabbed five others.

    The court was told how he had been treated by a community mental health team on April 20th, and by last May, his mother had been forced to call the emergency services three times because he had behaved aggressively and taken knives from the kitchen.

    However, as the youth’s mental health problems became more apparent, his father took him to Camberwell Mosque in South London to find help rather than seeking medical treatment.

    On the day of the stabbings, Mr. Bulhan had been taken to East London Mosque. But he ran off, convinced that a member of the congregation was filling him with evil spirits.


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