Convoy Of Humvees Barrels Down Highway With THIS Shocking Thing – Liberals Are PISSED! LOL! …

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Author: Jeff Rainforth Freedom Daily

A convoy of 9 modified military Humvees was seen cruising down a highway in Louisville, Kentucky on Sunday morning. What the lead Humvee had on the back of the vehicle has liberals totally melting down in typical lib meltdown fashion.

A driver traveling down the same highway took video of the convoy. As his car passes by the trucks, he can be heard asking, “What kind of flag are they flying?”

As the man approaches the lead vehicle, lo & behold, a huge “Trump” flag can be seen flying from the back of the truck.

Watch the video.


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Another driver also shot video of the convoy.

The spokeswoman for a loony Communist organization called “Indivisibleky” in Kentucky told reporters that it was like something you’d see in Nazi Germany.

The spokeswoman, Chris Rowzee, told the Tennessean, “To show a partisan political leaning on a military vehicle is very reminiscent of Nazi Germany.”

One commenter named John Hunt posted on the Tennessean’s story, “Say hello to the new regime’s paramilitary enforcers. It’s all part of the wonderful world of Trump’s Nazi Amerika.”



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Another commenter wrote, “White supremacists. Tons of them over in Indiana especially. Big gun “collectors.””

And yet another person posted, “Nothing to fear. It is just Trump’s brown shirts on maneuvers.”

Of course, as libs are melting down over this awesome sight, the real truth is that the convoy was probably not even one from the U.S. Military.

Via the Tennessean:

A spokesman for Ft. Knox, Patrick Hodges, said it wasn’t theirs.

Same for the Kentucky National Guard, said Maj. Stephen Martin, director of public affairs.

A Defense Department spokesman, Maj. Jamie Davis, who examined images of the four-truck [actually it’s 9] procession for the Courier-Journal, said he doesn’t think it belonged to any service branch — and that the vehicles may have been military surplus.

Davis said it would violate regulations to fly such a flag on a military vehicle. “That is not standard procedure,” he said. He also said it would have been against the rules to run a military convoy without unit markings on the trucks.

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