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The Unofficial Megyn Kelly Unofficial Top 100 Conservative Websites for 2016

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Credit: J.R. Elliott, Post Date: 15 JAN 2016

These are the top 100 conservative websites for 2016 according to Quantcast.com, the web’s number one in-depth source for website rankings.

Previous years we have relied on Alexa.com; however, camouflaged under the guise of a new-and-improved, more accurate algorithm, Alexa.com was caught ‘redhanded’ providing alternative news site deception. The company, owned by Amazon.com, instituted a new system that has precipitated plunges in the positions of FoxNews.com, the DrudgeReport, Breitbart.com, DailyCaller.com, Infowars.com, NewsMax.com, WND.com, RedFlagNews.com and many other “alternative” Internet news sites – or those which, like RedFlagNews.com, are, in one way or another, attempting to serve the role of government watchdog. We encourage you to read the detailed article below by our friend Joseph Farah at WND.com.

Quantcast’s technology is  arguably the industry’s most in-depth understanding of digital audiences. This list is based on US rankings during a 6-month period ending in January 2016. It should give you a general idea since almost all of these sites are solely based on conservative American politics. If you want to know what’s happening with conservative politics in the US, this list should keep you busy for a while.

The team of experts at RedFlag painstakingly compile these lists on a biannual basis.

Do you not see your favorite website here? We are human . . . and do make mistakes. Websites must first qualify in global rankings prior to being entered into the US Leaderboard below. After confirming your rank with Quantcast, please submit your site at the bottom of this page.

Fox News

The Blaze

Young Conservatives

Drudge Report

Western Journalism


Allen B. West

Daily Caller

WND (includes MichaelSavage.com)

Washington Times

RedFlag News

National Review Online

Washington Examiner

Town Hall


The Gateway Pundit

Right Wing News


Heritage Foundation


Instapundit/Pajamas Media

CNS News


Rush Limbaugh

Weekly Standard

American Thinker

Bill O’Reilly


Three Percenter Nation


Mr. Conservative

The Daily Signal

Red State

The Right Scoop

Freedom Daily

Top Right News

Glenn Beck

Hot Air


Patriot Update

Down Trend

Family Research Council

Sean Hannity

The Washington Free Beacon

Legal Insurrection

Daniel Pipes

The Black Sphere


Dick Morris

Front Page Magazine

Mad World News

Jihad Watch

Steyn Online

Free Republic

Debbie Schlussel

Universal Free Press

Ann Coulter

Freedom Works


The Conservative Tree House

Canada Free Press

Mark Levin

Life News

Lew Rockwell


The Patriot Post


American Spectator

Red Alert Politics

Personal Liberty Digest


Commentary Magazine

The New American

Human Events

Atlas Shrugs (PamelaGeller.com)

All News Pipeline

World Magazine

Radix News

The Common Sense Show

The People’s Cube

The Economic Collapse Blog


American Conservative

Army Times

First Things

GOP The Daily Dose

End of the American Dream

Weasel Zippers

Restoring Liberty (JoeMiller.us)

Hugh Hewitt

Liberty Alliance

The Libertarian Republic

The American

News With Views

The Liberty Beacon


The Daily Sheeple

Doug [email protected]

American Renaissance


Honorable mentions go out to the following websites since their data is blocked from public view on Quantcast, yet were ranked in 2015. If you are an owner of one of these sites, please contact us directly to get your hard work recognized on this leaderboard:

Conservative Tribune
Freedom Outpost
IJ Review
Laura Ingraham
Media Research Center
White House Dossier